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Saffron bulbs

Saffron bulbs

Wholesale of saffron bulbs

Selling of saffron bulbs to all countries of the CIS

Who are we?

Dutch Quality Sativus is a partnership between bulb growers in the region of Groningen and Drenthe that specializes in the production of quality bulb material for the crocus sativus saffron producing countries. Besides this, the following bulb products are also produced - daffodils, lily, tulip, fritillaria, muscari.

What do we do?

Dutch Quality Sativus produces and markets high quality planting material of the crocussativus, but itself produces no saffron. Our organization has responded to the global trend, which is the specialization of the cultivation and provision of the planting saffron bulb material as completely separate to saffron production.

Cultivation of crocus sativus.

It's a beautiful flower which gives great and healthy spice.
Saffron is the most expensive spice and that's why it is very highly profitable crop for cultivation.
Available and easy in growing.
It's very good crop for family business.
It has high level of crop production and price. Requires no big economic investment.
Saffron can be stored for years.
Saffron saves its value in the proper storage conditions.

What is Crocus Sativus ?

It is delicate and expensive spice, with wide range of medical properties, which are used in homeopathy.

Saffron influences on taste and is great colouring pigment.

Bulbs planted to depths of 15 centimetres multiply every year and give new one.

Crocus Sativus is ecologically clean plant. Its bulbs are not improved by selection.

Vegetative reproduction of corms is very slow, that prevents of active increasing of area under cultivation.

Crocus Sativus has reverse vegetative cycle: leaves appear in September and flowers bloom in October, than plant dry up to May-June of the next year.

The flower of saffron consists of 6 purple petals, 3 yellow stamens and 1 red pistil.

After the drying the pistil, which consists of 3 stigmas gives the spice - saffron.

Our bases are located in the provinces of Drenthe and Groningen. We have large areas for growing high-quality sativus crocus bulbs.

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